What Is an Implant Retained Denture?

What Is an Implant Retained Denture

Was there ever a time when your dentures slip or fall out of your mouth? Whether you’re sitting at home enjoying a delicious dinner with your family or you’re at the restaurant eating your heart out, falling dentures is never a pleasant or welcome sight. Even though your family and friends love you, it can still make you feel a bit (or a lot) self-conscious.

To keep dentures from falling again, you need to use denture adhesives. While they can be an excellent short-term solution, they’re not particularly an effective way to prevent all the awkward situations that your dentures may bring. More than that, denture adhesives can ruin your whole appetite since they smell and taste bad.

If you are wondering what’s the better and more effective solution to your denture problems, then you’re lucky! Implant retained dentures are an excellent solution.

What Is an Implant Retained Denture?

Among the latest denture technologies is the implant retained dentures. It is a type of overdenture that is supported by and attached to implants. Unlike a regular denture, it does not just rest on the gums.

Dental prosthetists recommend an implant retained denture to individuals who don’t have any teeth in the jaw but has bones to support implants. It is usually made for the lower jaw since regular dentures are less stable in this area. However, you can request to have implant-retained dentures for the upper or lower jaw.

For its care and maintenance, you should remove implant retained dentures daily to clean the gum area. Just like regular dentures, you should not sleep with the implant-retained dentures.

Better Smile with Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures come with a lot of benefits. Since dental implants offer better support than traditional dentures, patients can carry out everyday tasks with more ease and comfort.

An implant retained denture is an excellent solution if you hate the feeling of ill-fitting dentures or dislike using denture adhesives. It can ensure that your dentures remain in place. Aside from that, you also don’t have to be extremely selective about the food you eat. However, you should still avoid eating sticky food since this can damage the dentures.

  1. You can ditch the denture adhesive

    A traditional denture may cause you to worry a lot. You keep worrying that when it slips or falls out, you will fall into an awkward and embarrassing situation again. So, you try your best to avoid it from happening with denture adhesives. With implant retained dentures, you can cut the added cost of having to regularly buy denture adhesives. Since implant-retained dentures are also known as ‘snap-on’ dentures, they rely on a bar or clasp to stay in place rather than denture paste or creams.
  2. You can modify your old dentures for your implant retained denture

    Do you want to skip the whole process of having your mouth measured for another pair of dentures? The good thing is that most dental clinics and prosthetists can take your existing dentures and convert them to support either the ball and socket or bar and clasp system.

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