What Are Implant-Retained Dentures?

What Are Implant-Retained Dentures

If losing teeth isn’t hard enough, loose dentures are there to make it a bit more frustrating. One might laugh it off (literally!) when dentures slip out of place, but when that happens too many times, perhaps it’s time to consider getting implant retained dentures. What are they and why are they a great option for you? Learn more in this article.

What does “implant-retained” mean?

It means your set of dentures will be attached to implants placed within your gums. Think of each implant as a post, and these posts secure your dental bridge in place. If your dentist sees that your jaw can support implants, you could get these implant-retained dentures.

Depending on the recommendation of your dentist, you could get either two or more implants. Implants can be used to hold either a dental bridge or a full set of dentures. They can be used for both the upper and the lower jaw.

Some implant-retained dentures are fixed or permanent, others are removable. If you’re considering getting these, whether they are fixed or permanent depends upon your preference, seek guidance from your denture care services provider first.

Benefits of implant-retained dentures

  1. They feel natural

    Implant-retained dentures or even just dental bridges, will feel natural in your mouth as they copy the way your natural teeth used to attach to your jaw. They are designed to follow the original structure of the teeth, which means that when you’ve had them on for a while, you will forget you ever even had any problems with your teeth!

  2. You can use your teeth more easily and comfortably

    Because they feel natural, biting, chewing, and speaking will feel more natural to you now as well. You don’t anymore have to worry your dentures falling or slipping as they would be secured in place.

    Many also feel uncomfortable with their denture base, as it can often make a mouth feel stuffed. Implant-retained ones are sleeker and will not take up too much space in your mouth.

  3. They help improve your dental health

    When dental implants are attached to the jawbone, their natural interaction over time stimulates the regeneration of your jawbone’s tissues. They prevent your bones from further weakening, which is the primary reason one loses teeth in the first place.

  4. They make for a better smile

    Traditional dentures are attached to the existing gum line, while implant-retained ones are fitted beneath the gum line, which makes your artificial teeth look more seamlessly attached to your gums.

    And if the artificial teeth themselves are well crafted, nobody can even guess that they are not real. That’s your goal here – to make your teeth look so natural that nobody bats an eye about it at all!

How are they maintained?

If you have removable dentures, you must attend to them with utmost care daily. Take care to brush the artificial teeth and its surrounding gum areas, as you would with traditional dentures. Also, regardless of whether it’s traditional or implant-retained, dentists do not recommend sleeping with dentures on as this could cause damage to the dentures and on your oral health as well. Make it a habit to remove them before sleeping.

Fixed dentures, on the other hand, require a more extensive installation process as the goal here is to ensure maximum stabilisation. After you have surgery for fixed dentures, be sure to follow strict post-care instructions.

When you’re doing regular maintenance after they’ve been installed for a while, just make sure to clean as thoroughly as you would as your natural teeth, but you might want to choose a soft-bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive cleanser instead to maintain its quality.

Finally, whether you have removable or fixed dentures, it’s important to schedule regular visits to your dentist so they can stay on top of your oral health care.

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