Maurie D'Andrea

Dental Prosthetist

As a proud Novocastrian Maurie started his humble beginnings as a trainee at Royal Newcastle Hospital in 1983. Eventually he saw an opportunity to work closely in the area of crown and bridgework at a laboratory in Dora Creek. After 5 years he decided to take the plunge and set up his own dental laboratory based in New Lambton. The lab grew in staff numbers to 6 people by 1997. Maurie made his biggest investment that year in being the first laboratory in Australia to introduce Digital Dentistry in the form of a dental scanner. Within 12 months the laboratory doubled in staff and a decision was made to move the business to Burwood Road Whitebridge hence the name Burwood Road Dental.


By 2005 Burwood Road Dental was regarded as an industry leader and one of the largest laboratories in the country. By 2010 the business had outgrown in size and it was relocated to the Sky Central West Building in Charlestown and once again a new name was established, Sky Dental Laboratories. The state of the art facility incorporated the latest in scanning technology as well as 5 clinics set on 300m2 of commercial space.


In 2013 Maurie was approached by a National Dental corporation and subsequently sold the business but remained for 5 years as manager. At that time the laboratory consisted of 4 administration staff and 15 dental technicians. At the cessation of his 5 year contract at Sky Dental in August 2017 Maurie decided to take a long earned break from the industry. Over 100 technicians (over the 30 year period) have had the privilege of working and being trained under Maurie’s D’Andrea’s supervision and ownership a legacy he is very proud of.


He has now returned and as of January 2019 Maurie is proud to be back in the industry that inspires and motivates him. His New Denture Clinic in Hamilton is open for business and Maurie’s wealth of cosmetic dental knowledge is on standby.