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If many or all of your teeth are missing, it will likely have a big impact on your life. The most obvious and effective way to solve the problem of missing teeth is to get dentures fitted. However, for many denture wearers, the experience of having dentures is not as good as they hoped it would be. The biggest complaint people have with dentures is that they slide and slip around in the mouth. This not only makes it hard for them to speak audibly and clearly, but it makes it virtually impossible for them to eat harder foods.


At Smiles on Hudson, our denture clinic in Newcastle offers implant-retained dentures – which help improve stability and offer a natural appearance for teeth. 

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What Are Implant Retained Dentures?

At Smiles on Hudson, we offer a different kind of denture service to people who may have had a bad experience in the past.  Implant retained dentures are as self-explanatory as they sound. They are implants used to stabilise dentures permanently— preventing them from slipping and sliding around the mouth, thus causing disruption to everyday functions such as speaking and eating.


It should be noted that having implant retained dentures fitted involves some oral surgery. This is because the denture implants need to be inserted into the jawbone appropriately. The implants used are made from titanium, as this has the capability of biologically merging with surrounding bone to make for a strong and permanent foundation. The titanium will support the denture implants themselves as well as the dentures.


Book a free consultation to discover if implant retained dentures are right for you. You can reach our Newcastle denture clinic on 0432 194 603. Full and partial dentures are also available. 

Benefits Of Implant Retained Dentures

As they do not require as much bone for placement, implant retained dentures require a far less invasive procedure than alternatives. You will also, in most cases, not have to wait for a period of time for the denture to properly fuse with the bone surrounding it. As the use of mini implants negates the need to take a bone grafting, the recovery time and cost of the procedure are greatly reduced.


Because implant retained dentures have a more natural feel, they enable you to enjoy the food you like without compromise. This is because they can handle more pressure than ordinary dentures.


In addition to being more comfortable in most cases, implant retained dentures do not require any dental adhesives to remain in place. Because they don’t move around, you are less likely to get mouth sores or tender gums.


With these benefits in mind, if you are definitely interested in having implant retained dentures as a replacement or your first dentures, and you are in the Newcastle area, please contact Maurie D’Andrea to arrange a free initial consultation appointment. In the consultation, you will be informed what is involved for your specific case and you will be booked in for a treatment. Though we are based in Hamilton, we cater to clients in the wider Newcastle region, as well as Lake Macquarie

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