What to Know About Immediate Dentures in Australia

What to Know About Immediate Dentures in Australia

The teeth are important parts of our body. They help us chew and digest food easily. They help us talk and speak properly. They give us the ability to smile, which in itself has many helpful uses such as a boost to your confidence. Without them, we would have a hard time eating all the food all of humanity has created for our pleasures.

Proper dental care is needed because, while having 20 primary/baby teeth and 32 permanent/adult teeth sounds like a lot, they can decay much earlier than expected. However, there are people who have already lost most or all of their natural teeth, maybe by accident. In a study conducted in Australia, 1 in 25 people aged 15 years and older have no natural teeth left. As a result, many people turn to dentures as a way to restore their teeth back.

What are dentures?

Dentures are commonly used especially for the elderly or people who have lost their teeth due to their age or some other condition. There are two types of dentures, namely complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used if all the teeth are missing, while the partial dentures are used if there are still some natural teeth remaining.

The type of denture you use significantly influences the frequency of realignment. Some dentures, such as flexible dentures, are not suitable for a reline; while other dentures like acrylic partial dentures and acrylic full dentures can be relined.

Complete dentures also have two different types: the immediate dentures and the conventional dentures. It is important to know the difference between the two, so that you can choose correctly the one you need and prefer.

Conventional vs. Immediate Dentures

Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have all been removed and the gum tissues have healed, and is ready to be attached in the mouth after eight to twelve weeks of teeth removal. Meanwhile, immediate dentures are made before the teeth is removed and can be placed immediately after teeth removal.

Overall, the difference between the two is the time it takes to have dentures. For conventional dentures, you will have to endure not having teeth for a long time. This means you have to eat without the use of your teeth and having to go around in public and socialise with people without any teeth. Immediate dentures do not have this disadvantage as they are attached as soon as possible.

However, since immediate dentures are made beforehand, they need more time to be spent on making them and as a result making them cost more.

Immediate Dentures Cost in Australia

The cost of immediate dentures in Australia varies, so it is important to talk to for different dental prosthetists around your area to compare prices. It may either cost more or less depending on your condition, and they offer tons of advantages.

Aside from being able to go out in public and being able to eat and chew properly, you can also start adjusting your speech to accommodate the immediate dentures as soon as possible. Furthermore, it is easier to duplicate the shape, color, and arrangement of your natural teeth before they are removed.

Are they worth it?

The biggest drawback for immediate dentures is that they cost more than conventional dentures. Since immediate dentures cost in Australia are high, one of the first questions to pop up is if they are worth it.

They have many advantages over the conventional dentures as stated, but it is ultimately up to you if all of these advantages are worth the increase of price. If you are in a tight budget, they may not be for you, but for many, it is definitely worth it.

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