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Smiles on Hudson offers an array of services for full and partial options.

Dentures can help restore the smile you enjoyed showing off before you were affected by the problems caused by missing teeth. Additionally, dentures can support both the form and function of teeth that have been lost, allowing you to eat and speak in a normal way once again.

The idea of having dentures may bring to mind uncomfortable, rigid pieces of prosthetic that can look unnatural when you smile or open your mouth. However, with technology today, there are a number of options available that look and feel just like natural teeth. At our Newcastle denture clinic, we can provide full dentures (to replace a full set of teeth) as well as partial ones (to replace only a few teeth). Denture relining and emergency repairs are also available.

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Full Denture Implants & Partial Options

Are you interested in having dentures developed for your unique dental structure? Do you want to know more about the different types of dentures available before you make your decision? Contact Maurie D’Andrea from Smiles on Hudson Today for a free consultation.

Full And Partial Dentures

What are full and partial dentures?

Restore your smile, your confidence, and your normal life with our quality-made, comfortable and affordable denture options. If you have a few missing teeth, partial dentures can serve as a good replacement. If dental loss is more extensive, our team recommends full dentures to replace all your teeth. Full dentures are, in general, more expensive than partial dentures, and they tend to have a shorter lifespan.

We have many choices available to ensure your dentures are as comfortable and durable as possible. From metal frame partial dentures to longer-lasting full dentures supported by implants, our range and the knowledge and expertise of our team are guaranteed to offer the perfect solution to regaining your full smile.

The Process

If you would like to learn more about dentures and if they’re suitable for you, we encourage you to schedule an initial dental consultation with us. Our friendly, professional team will assess the condition of your teeth and make an expert recommendation on which kind of dentures would be right for you.

To ensure your dentures fit perfectly, we will take impressions of your teeth, from which we’ll prepare a prototype and then the final product, custom-made to fit your mouth.

Partial dentures can take several weeks to be fabricated, while full dentures require a longer process. We understand that it takes time to adjust to new dentures, and our team is on hand to provide quality maintenance and repair services to ensure you always feel comfortable and at your best.

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Explore our range of services

If you’re struggling with the physical and emotional impacts of tooth loss, custom-made dentures from Smiles on Hudson could be the answer. You’re bound to find a denture that helps boost your confidence, improves your speech and eating, and helps prevent further deterioration or decay.

You’ll also be pleased to know we offer a variety of denture services to suit every need. If you’re noticing your dentures aren’t fitting so comfortably anymore, contact our team to discuss dental relining. This process simply adjusts the base of your dentures to correct their fit, improving their overall durability. This means you won’t need to go through the whole extensive process of getting dentures remade.

If you struggle with dentures moving within your mouth and impacting your speech or your ability to eat certain foods, our implant-retained dentures might be the answer. Our team will fabricate a custom-made implant to permanently secure your dentures to your jaw and will fit the implant during a surgical procedure. The use of implants rather than bone grafts means a speedier recovery time for you and also reduces costs.

Broken or damaged dentures can be very upsetting and inconvenient. Our team at Smiles on Hudson provides emergency denture repairs seven days a week and even after hours. Don’t compromise your physical and emotional well-being by ignoring denture issues. Schedule an emergency repair today and restore your fantastic smile with Smiles on Hudson.

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